WMOC 2022, the Start Lists for the Sprint Final are online! Results from the Sprint Q and some important info are available

The Start lists for the Sprint Final in Vieste on the 11th July 2022 are online. You can find them on the WMOC 2022 Website and on Eventor

Sprint Final startlists

Live results for the Sprint Final will be available at

Sprint Q results

Additional info for the next races

StartThere will be always 3 different starts they are all marked with different colours. Start 1 – redStart 2 -blueStart 3 – Brown Check which is your start on your number bibAt the 5 second beep, before your start time you can pick up your map, look at it and check if your running class is correct.ToiletsApologies for the limited toilet availability at the race in Peschici. More toilets will be available tomorrow.Forbidden areasSeveral very narrow private roads roads will be marked with the symbol 520 Area that shall not be entered they will also be taped with red-white stripes on the terrainWMOC TourThe entries to the Tour are open only before the first start.