Make your WMOC 2022 unforgettable with PICA

Make your WMOC 2022 unforgettable with PICA

Intense emotions await you in the Gargano with the World Masters Orienteering Championships. You can make them unforgettable, share them on your social profiles and relive them coming back home with the Pica service!

Along the tracks of the races that will test you in Puglia you will find the photographers of the event ready to immortalize every moment of your challenge.

At the event, thanks to patented technology, you will be able to purchase your shots on the portal in the utmost respect for privacy. Each athlete will receive, in fact, only and exclusively his own photos on his smartphone.


How to use the service?

1. Make sure the race number and graphic code are clearly visible during the race

2. Go to and create your account

3. Enter the 9-digit code printed close to the race number

4. View your photos, buy them and share them with friends

Simple, fast and effective with Pica!