Jörgen Mårtensson International WMOC 2022 Ambassador

The orienteering legend Jörgen Mårtensson is officially the WMOC 2022 International Ambassador.

Jörgen is one of the most successful Swedish orienteer of all times. Twice a winner of the World Orienteering Championships, he also won the 5 days O-Ringen in 1981 (at age 21), 1996 and 1997 (at age 37). Furthermore, he won the Swedish Championship in Marathon at Stockholm Marathon in 1993 . Now retired, he had one of the longest spanning careers in orienteering at world class level, taking part in World Championships over a period of twenty years. Starting with the 1978 World Orienteering Championships, where he placed eighth in the individual contest, he competed in every world championship until 1997. Is also thanks to Jörgen if orienteers with be able to run and enjoy Foresta Umbra because when back in the early 2000’ with Gabriele Viale and Bernt Bjørnsgaard they drove up to the forest and found a real paradise for orienteering and decided to make the first orienteering map.

During the World Masters Orienteering Championships 2022 in Gargano, Puglia, Italy there will be an orienteering museum with some of the historical pieces of orienteering gear and maps. During WMOC 2022 it will be time also to celebrate the legends of orienteering with a special evening party dedicated to the history of the champions of our sport.

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